Ugh! Humans! They're everywhere!

By Lisa Kaye Montgomery on April 2, 2014

Introduction – True Feminism and Definition of a Disney Princess

Disney’s Frozen doused the internet with a resurging feminist critique of Disney princesses.  Although the Frozen women certainly show strong, unique feminist characteristics, I hate to see small-minded feminists assume Elsa’s and Anna’s only strengths are the lack of needing male rescuing.  Don’t negate and ignore every real feminist trait they represent!  Elsa and Anna are strong feminists because they actively pursue their dreams and make bold choices that progress their own lives, not because they refuse male company or kisses. {Read further…}

By Jordan Spencer Cunningham on March 29, 2014

It’s LDS General Conference time again, and what conference would be complete without its anti-Mormon protesters sporting pathetic signs in a sorry attempt to disrupt the spirit of the conference and its fringe-Mormon protesters kicking and screaming about some kind of gospel doctrine that God came up with that they just can’t stand? Last year I wrote an open letter to the organized group that has taken command of the Mormon “feminist” movement.  The astute Ordain Women movement has this year decided to trademark the color purple as the “I am going to kick and scream until I get what I want in the LDS Church” banner; they want LDS women everywhere to attend tonight’s women’s conference wearing purple dresses. This is an extremely sneaky way to make themselves look more important than they really are– so extremely sneaky that it’s not at all sneaky to anyone with half a brain, and here’s why. {Read further…}

By Jordan Spencer Cunningham on March 27, 2014

The United States of America has made great strides in knowledge and social justice throughout the past three centuries. It has been the envy of the nations—a jewel of peace, opportunity, growth, and change. In all of the change the country has experienced, however, something is being lost, and this is wisdom. All is not lost, for despite a downfall in general wisdom, there are still many of the brightest minds the country has ever produced populating the current and upcoming generations, and they have the power to change the course of the nation back to an upward climb. {Read further…}

By Jordan Spencer Cunningham on March 23, 2014

Some larger businesses have machines and switches running on 10Gbps networks– CAT 7 or fiber cable and some expensive switches and NICs are all you need, after all. Well, that’s a little beyond my budget (and needs, for that matter), but I’d settle for 2Gbps on my Synology DiskStation web/file/media/&tc. server. {Read further…}

By Jordan Spencer Cunningham on February 24, 2014

Play the above song. Just do it.

This is West Jordan High School Madrigals’ theme song, as it were. I sang this with 30 other students to send out the previous year’s Madrigals and reign us– the next year’s Madrigals– in. The year after us sang it to send us off and take our place. This piece reflects some sense of happiness, togetherness, and accomplishment that is slipping or has slipped away– slipped into memory. {Read further…}

By Jordan Spencer Cunningham on February 22, 2014

Note: ISP stands for “Internet Service Provider”.

All ISPs are evil. Finding the least evil ISP is the trick. It’s the same principle as picking a new president or congressman or choosing a cell phone service. You need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of all the available connections in the area where you live, find out the promotional and regular-after-12-month price for the tier you’re looking for, check for hidden fees they don’t tell you about until later, consult your own past experience, read reviews from others in the area, and just hope and pray you actually get what you’re paying for. It’s half research and half luck, to be quite honest: your next door neighbor may absolutely abhor his Comcast service for extremely justifiable reasons, but you may be extremely happy with what you’ve got because your service and experience have been completely different than his. {Read further…}

By Jordan Spencer Cunningham on January 29, 2014

Since being engaged, I’ve been dreadfully ill twice. This isn’t a slight against my lovely fiance, mind you– quite to the contrary, the fact is to her commendation. I’ve suffered two deathly illnesses whilst she escaped with nothing more than a psychological sniffle, and both times she has attended to me faithfully. This is just one more piece of anecdotal evidence that what is known as the “Man Cold” is, indeed, a real phenomenon.