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Synology to Kill NPAPI Plugin, Release Surveillance Desktop App in 2016

by Jordan Spencer Cunningham on

The Synology Surveillance Station app has so much to love about it and is still probably the best available non-enterprise surveillance NVR software, but the few things with which it’s been failing the past couple of years fail spectacularly. Most Surveillance Station users know the pains of having to work around the NPAPI plugin, something one has to install on his or her machine before anything remotely related to video streaming will work in Surveillance Station, and even then it no longer works in Chrome and has problems in other browsers, not to mention that there is zero Linux support. Well, I’ve been in contact with Synology support regarding this glaring issue, and they’ve given me some good news.[Read further…]

Use Bash to Automate Checking for that Dream Job

by Jordan Spencer Cunningham on

!#/bin/bashWhile I’m currently not on an active job search, I keep my eyes open for potential opportunities all the time; it’s a competitive market, and my services will go to the highest bidder (within reason). I try to keep up on some of the “dream job” companies to see if there are any openings for which I might be qualified, but remembering to regularly check multiple sites’ careers pages seems to be beyond my capability now that I have, you know, actual responsibilities. The beauty of working as a sysadmin is that you learn how to automate as many tasks as possible, and there is no reason that this philosophy shouldn’t apply to all aspects of life. The following can be adapted to really any careers web page so you, too, can be alerted when a position for your dream job opens up.

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Lisa’s Christmas Wish List 2015

by Lisa Kaye Cunningham on

I find that as I get older, Christmas Wish Lists are harder and harder to write.  Mostly I want immaterial things: happiness for my hubby, extra time in the day for a nap, financial blessings for my friends and family, comfort for those going through hard times…no more lives torn apart, then wars would never start, and time would heal our hearts, you know.  Maybe I should write a song.[Read further…]