Prom, anyone?

You were sent here because you searched “should I go to prom?” in the Google or some such nonsense.

I used to have a couple of long and windy articles on here about prom and dancing, and they earned the site a fair amount of popularity through the years, spiking every April or so when schools around the world would hold the yearly sacrilege. As I’m focusing this site in another direction, I have since removed those articles. It’s probably better this way– they weren’t that great in spite of the many teenagers and parents that seemed to take comfort in them.

Short and sweet:

No, don’t go to prom. It will be a waste of time, a waste of money, and a waste of your character. Go do something more productive with your life– something that actually has meaning and substance. Stop worrying about something so inconsequential and worthless. Stop basing your worth or value on something so incredibly stupid as a high school function and what other people think of you. Wake up and smell the chocolate or whatever it is you like to smell in the morning.

If you don’t want to follow this advice, then why the heck did you Google around asking for it? You already know the answer, but will you be mature enough to make the right choice?