The website you see before you is a WordPress site. Its theme, nerdology, is of my own make and was coded when I found spare time between April and November 2015. It’s a replacement to nerdology 1.0– a clunkier, more crowded theme I designed in 2010 and tweaked here and there through the years as I learned more web design (see the old theme here if you so desire).

The theme is based on a few concepts:

  • 8-bit video games
  • 1970s-1980s computers and terminals
  • Some applications I once designed in HyperPad, an MS-DOS clone (of sorts) of HyperCard

The fonts used are Press Start 2P and Ubuntu font family.

I do not claim to be a professional web designer; it’s more of a hobby and a skill I can use if needed. If you are a seasoned designer you may find flaws. Feel free to point them out to me. If they’re actually flaws and not just occupational snobbery, I will probably fix them and learn something in the process.

I probably won’t release┬áthe theme to the WordPress repository, and I probably won’t release it to the public either.