Home Automation

I trust Vivint or other HA/security companies to about the same extent as their salesmen can grow facial hair. Plus building my own home automation system is proving to be more fun and less expensive.

I have had the time to neither finish building my home automation system nor write up very much about it. When I do have it fully functional, I will publish a series on the system, and they will be most intriguing. Until that time, enjoy a keynote I put together for a tech conference my organization puts on each year. It outlines a lot of ideas that I’ve either been working on implementing or will implement before I publish the previously promised series.

It will include:

  • Command station for controlling and monitoring the entire home
  • Most everything will be controlled behind the scenes with a RaspberryPi’s GPIO, a USB Z-wave controller, Bash, and Python, with a little IFTTT
  • Automated lighting, both wired and Z-wave
  • Automated garage door that opens when an authenticated user pulls into the driveway and closes after an idle timeout
  • Automated media center complete with retracting projector screen and automated lights
  • Motion and temperature sensors
  • Algorithmic thermostat that adjusts use of heating/cooling based on where people are in the house and the temperature of those rooms
  • “Away mode”, which will run lights and sounds to simulate people being home; upon the detection of intrusion, the sound of a shotgun racking will be played throughout the house, then all smoke detectors will go off with a siren and a strobe light in the garage, also sending an alert
  • Perhaps more if my time permits