Everyone has faith in something, even those who believe in nothing more than the religion of science alone.

We believe in Jesus Christ and the true message of happiness and eternal growth that He has always taught. We believe this because we’ve had experiences that, even after questioning and exploring doubt, confirm that it’s real and that it works, and that it actually fits into what mankind has discovered through science. We’re Mormons; admitting this could cost us job opportunities or friends at some point, but then it probably would have been a bad choice to associate with people who blindly write others off simply because of a label anyway. That being said, we like the label and make attempts to be the kind of people who give it a good name.

In the end, what we believe doesn’t matter. It can’t do anything for anyone else unless they figure it out for themselves. Our faith brings us happiness; we’re happy to share that faith with others who are searching and ready for it, but we leave people alone about it if not and simply ask that they return the favor. Unfortunately, we have a lot of favors left unfulfilled.