Lisa’s Christmas Wishlist 2019

by Lisa Kaye Cunningham on

Christmas is here once again and in the happy name of traditional gift-giving, I’ve composed a list of material items I would like to possess. But it feels silly to write such a list, as so many of the things I want aren’t material: the wisdom to go to sleep at a decent hour, the patience to handle difficult toddler bedtimes, the time to give all my loved ones the care and attention they deserve, and a big kick in the pants to my inner perfectionism that keeps killing my creative drive with feelings of doubt and self-consciousness. But hey, it’s Christmas! So let’s focus on the material possessions now and work on the self-improvement come New Years…for two whole days before everyone purposely ignores all their resolutions. Cool.

Lisa LOVES Christmas!

1.      Little Mermaid 30th Anniversary Special Edition on Blu-Ray

Let’s be super duper clear here: absolutely under no circumstances whatsoever in any way shape or form over my dead body not in a million years do I want the Little Mermaid sequels. Both Little Mermaid 2 and 3 are stupid. Enough said.

But the Little Mermaid, like the actual movie the Little Mermaid, is my favorite Disney movie and Ariel is my favorite Disney princess. I must own this movie before Disney+ takes it away from me forever!

2.      Slippers

Please, warm fuzzy slippers that elastic-style around my feet (no slip-ons!) and look like I’ve skinned a Muppet to do so.

3.      Alphabet Hole Punches 

For scrapbooking. These look super cute and I’m super excited, but good gravy they’re a tad pricey. Sorry.

4.      Circle Hole Punches

Also for scrapbooking. You’d be surprised how often I wish I could just punch basic circle shapes for decorating pages and whatnot. I want ones that are smaller than my circle cutter and bigger than my 3-ring binder-size basic hole punch. Think like big, various coin sizes.

5.      12×12 Scrapbooking Paper Storage Caddy

I’m kind of a neat freak and a crazy label lady. I’ve been looking for a while for good ways to organize and label all my 12×12 paper that is easily accessed, sorted, and labeled. I think this one is a good option and I’d love to try one. Or three. Six? Eleven? Seventy two?

6.      “Mom of Boys” Shirt (XL)

I thought this one was super cute and I love anything that celebrates my sweet boys! I love being a mom and I love “specializing” in boys.

7.      Gryffindor Pajama Pants

I own exactly three pairs of pajama pants. One is very heavy and is strictly for winter time. The other two are riddled with holes. They’re looking really trashy and I need some new ones. Looking back at my life, I realize that I’ve never owned any articles of clothing from my all-time favorite books, Harry Potter. So I’d like my pajama pants to reflect my Hogwarts house of Gryffindor.

8.      Various New Shirts

I’m looking to update my wardrobe a bit, as my old pajama pants aren’t the only items in my closet that are looking a little worse for wear. But I struggle buying things like this for myself. With that being said, I will make an Amazon list titled “Lisa’s Clothes Ideas” and let you go wild. Or go mild and pick one modestly-priced item.

9.      This Harry Potter Puzzle

This is strictly a whimsical item. I actually fell in love with this because of the artwork, not particularly because it’s a puzzle. Maybe if this came in a simple poster form I’d love it even more. It’s rare to find good Harry Potter artwork, décor, and trinkets that only reflect the books and not the horrendous movies, and this is exactly that. Maybe I’ll make the puzzle, frame it, and hang it in my future library, aka near the bookcases we plan to someday put in the basement we someday plan to finish. 

10. A Knobby Holder Phone Attachment Button Thing for Holding Your Phone

Do you know the things I’m talking about? I’m ready to jump on the band wagon and see if they’re actually any good. And I like that they’re cute and decorated. Maybe Harry Potter themed? Or Disney princess? But it’s got to match my phone case too, so no color clashing.

11. Silicone Trivets and Hot Pads

You know the ones like my mom has? The big, colorful ones. My hot pads are just so ratty and sad looking, not to mention slippery. I love those big, colorful mats that my mom has for putting out hot dishes that don’t slip and don’t get grungy and I’d love a set for myself.