Lisa’s Christmas Wishlist 2018

by js on

Regular Stuff

·         A nice cheese slicer (like Rachelle’s)

·         An essential oils diffuser

·         “Slow Down” sheet music

·         A wall ruler board to measure kids’ heights

Pictures and Scrapbooking Things

·         A double 5×7 picture frame that says, “Mama always gets her kisses” with kissy pictures of me and Remington and me and Aveson respectively

·         Printed canvas prints of newborn days, both for Remington and Aveson

·         Alphabet hole punches for scrapbooking

·         Circle hole punches for scrapbooking


·         Slippers

·          “Mama Bear” shirt, XL

·         A “Mom of Boys” shirt, XL

·         Gray stretch skinny yoga pants, L   

·         Long sleeve, v-neck shirts, XL