Remington’s Christmas Wish List 2017

by Remington Joseph Cunningham on

When I asked Remington if he’d like to add any sophisticated, poignant words from the depths of his heart regarding the current state of our society’s need for wanting things, he pointed to the kitchen sink and said in a serious tone, looking me in the eye as one man to another: “Och, aye.”

Remingtons? For Christmas?


  • Books, namely cardboard books (this child is dangerous and destructive)
    • His favorite book is “Little Blue Truck”, and he would like some others in that series
    • He also enjoys destroying pop-up books and books that make sounds
    • He has started to covet Cousin Nolan’s Poke-a-Dot books
  • Stuffed animals (he loves ones that are especially soft and snuggly, and good luck prying his zombie bunny out of his grasp)
  • Toy magnets for his magnet board (letters, animals, biblical figures, nuclear launch buttons, &tc.)