Lisa’s Christmas Wish List 2017

by lk on

I asked Lisa if she wanted to write something above the break. She said, “No.”

"Ariel's a Christian! I knew it!"

Then, after considering a moment, she succinctly stated, “This list is for your convenience rather than my arrogance.”

So it is.

  • Manual food chopper
  • Baby-Carrying Kangaroo Hoodie – (color: Purple – 1, the one with the turquoise inside)
  • Moana Piano Book
  • A cookie dough scooper that doesn’t suck (Jordan has to fix the one I have now three or four times each cookie baking session)
  • A phone charger for my car
  • A clean/dirty magnetic sign for the dishwasher
  • A wooden “Juneau, Alaska” sign with whale tail etch
  • A fancy pantsy FitBit
  • A silicone brush (for buttering and marinating foods)
  • White cutting boards (variety of sizes, mainly small; doesn’t have to be this exact one, just one(s) like this)
  • A magnet notepad for lists on the fridge