Lisa’s Christmas Wish List 2015

by lk on

I find that as I get older, Christmas Wish Lists are harder and harder to write.  Mostly I want immaterial things: happiness for my hubby, extra time in the day for a nap, financial blessings for my friends and family, comfort for those going through hard times…no more lives torn apart, then wars would never start, and time would heal our hearts, you know.  Maybe I should write a song.

Still, I’m an avid believer in giving gifts at Christmas time, for it’s a time that we remember the greatest gift we’ve ever received: Jesus Christ and His Atonement for us.  My heart doesn’t contain enough hallelujahs!

Of course gifts aren’t necessary, but for those interested, here are some ideas of material, wrap-able things I need/want this year.  Enjoy, and merry Christmas to you.

Kitchen Items:

Scrapbooking Items:

  • 12×12 scrapbook album(s)—large if possible, with D rings
  • A Cricut machine—this is just a whimsical desire, like goodness that would be fun to have! Anyone selling one for cheap?

Miscellaneous Items:

  • Piano duet sheet music for the song C.S. Theme and Variations by Randall Compton
  • Piano sheet music for the song How Beautiful by Twila Paris (SATB version, please)
  • Maxi skirts—various colors and patterns, size L
  • A nice sweater similar to or exactly but not necessarily having to be this one, size L
  • Goose Girl by Shannon Hale—original artwork, please
  • Gift cards—I like gift cards to go do something, like eat out, get a massage, go to the movie theater, etc.