Jordan’s Christmas Wish List 2015

by Jordan Spencer Cunningham on

There comes a time in every man’s life when he desires things he does not have and probably doesn’t need. That time has now come for me.

The following was written:

  • For the enjoyment of the few odd people who actually view this yearly tradition as entertainment
  • For the few who would be asking me about the contents of this post anyway
  • To inflate my already bloated ego and sense of self importance

This is not written as a demand or as an essay to convince, coerce, or otherwise influence others into giving me these things. I do not expect or necessarily desire that given me by anyone. In fact, if you are considering such action, your time and expense would probably be better spent on someone less fortunate and more deserving.

Do I desire these things? Yes. Are they good for me? Probably not. Do I need them? Not at all. I’d probably be happier with a simple good book and a lot of time off to read it with no other obligations within the near or distant future. A fireplace by which to read it would be the ideal finishing touch, of course, with Julie at my feet and Lisa holding my free hand.

Just the same, below is the before advertised list.

Jeep & Adventure Items:

  • Offroad lights with roof mounting bar (for late night adventures in the Jeep with my one true love– also in case of emergencies)
  • Those offroad lights are expensive, so these ones would do just fineNEW!
  • Universal roof rack (for taking Julie with us on our adventures; she may need some goggles)
  • The Automatic OBD-II car dongle (for automating our lives)
  • Two (2) Baofeng UV-5R V2+ handheld Ham radios (I will have my amateur radio license soon and will require these for adventure communications and in case of emergencies; if necessary, only one will do)
  • Mini 0805 Dash Cam (for recording our adventures as well as capturing idiot drivers on camera)
  • Camping/outdoors items (kits, knives, shovels, hatchets, gear, anything except for tents as I have plans for a modified military-grade tent)

Nerdy Items:

Antique Items:

Other Items:

  • A box of Oreo O’s (apparently these are only made in South Korea anymore and are extremely hard to find even on eBay)