Witch Hunt for the Bigots

by Jordan Spencer Cunningham on

The next person who points and shouts (or even whispers) “BIGOTRY!” is going to get a knuckle sandwich.

Bigotry: I do not think it means what you think it means

That word has been used wrongly so many times in the past ten years that it no longer has meaning. It is dripping with meaninglessness, much like the lives of those who use it so often. It has become a catch-word– used only by the current elite and hipsters to prove that they’re part of the “rights” club, proclaiming to be in favor of giving rights when in actuality all they’re hungry for is to take them away from people they’ve grown to hate for whatever reason.

The world was once controlled by a lot of adults. Now it is controlled by a lot of whining people.

If you want to be taken seriously by anyone who still has brains, then do not use that word. Unfortunately, most people in charge of the world these days either don’t have brains or aren’t using them, so you’ll be taken seriously by many too many groups.

This witch hunt that all of these rights-grabbers and bandwagoners have been waging is just smoke, but it’s enough smoke to choke out the truth and kill a few people, if not literally at this point then most definitely in other aspects of their lives.

I’m comforted in the hope that people who actually believe the kind of garbage propagated by the bigot-pointers and the “rights” pushers are just a few hundred thousand very loud and very angry internet bullies who only sound like the majority because of their deafening, obsessive witch-hunt for the bigots as well as the indolent, self-serving agenda-pushers they’ve snuck into political and cultural power. Hopefully these loud-mouthed, judgmental hipsters are a passing fad of the 21st century, and normal people– be they religious, atheist, homosexual, black, white, big, small, or whatever else– will again inherit the earth.

It’s just a thread of hope, but it’s still hope.