Lisa’s Christmas Wish List 2014

by Lisa Kaye Cunningham on

I publish this as an assistance to those who, as tradition dictates, would like to share gifts with loved ones, a tradition in which I also partake. At the same time, I readily acknowledge God and my family for all of the material wealth and possessions which I own, which are plentiful. I am already extremely blessed in my loving family, my close friends, and, above all, my adorable husband. No material possession will make me happier than I already am being married to him. Still, I enjoy and adhere to Christmas tradition. Give it your best shot. Merry Christmas.

  •  A cell phone case that doubles as a wallet (Samsung Galaxy S)
  • Scarves
    • Infinity loop scarves (red, wool)
    • Regular scarves (solid color, no patterns)
  • A Cinemark gift card
  • Gift cards to restaurants for date nights
    • Café Rio
    • Enjoy
    • Texas Roadhouse
    • Chipotle
  • A gift card to Payless Shoes
  • A cookie dough scooper
  • A camera tripod, a nice tall one
  • Any fun jewelry
  • The Peacock necklace from Park Lane
    • These are out of stock with Park Lane and must be found elsewhere such as eBay; I have the matching earrings and ring, but no necklace)
  • An armchair (leather preferred)
  • A new “I ♥ London” shirt (the one I bought in London was a very cheap one from a street shop whose seams basically dissolved after two washings)
    • Light blue
  • A Juneau, Alaska souvenir of a humpback whale statue labeled, “Juneau, Alaska”
  • Slippers
  • A silicone kitchen brush