Phone Call Fit for a Dog

by Jordan Spencer Cunningham on

I recently filled out some junk online forms with fake information using the name Julie Doggie, who is a real person and just so happens to be my dog. I made the mistake of using my Google Voice number for this junk form. The other day I received a call from a number in my local area code. After picking up and giving a greeting, I heard a lady ask, “May I speak with Julie?”

I paused for a moment and said (perhaps a little too bluntly), “Julie is my dog.”

A brief pause, and then, “Wait– Julie Doggie?” she asked, as if the last name wasn’t giving it away.

“Yes,” I say, starting to laugh.

“With the email of julie dot doggie at gmail dot com?” She continued.

Now I couldn’t control myself and laughed heartily. “Yes!” I said. “She has a Facebook account under that email address.”

“I sincerely apologize,” she groaned, sounding sincerely apologetic. “Now I feel really stupid.”

I told her not to feel stupid, and she asked that since my dog probably wasn’t interested in furthering her education online if I might be. I told her that I was currently in the process of doing so, and we parted our telephonic ways.

The moral of the story? Pay attention to the last name of a lead if you’re working at a call center. It may save you some embarrassment.

Julie Doggie - Border Collie