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Blowing PHP Steam

by Jordan Spencer Cunningham on

The other night as I was frustratingly attempting to fix a bug in a Synology DiskStation at my workplace, I took the moments as items were downloading, installing, or restarting to code in PHP a few human feelings common in my existence. Even if you’re not familiar with PHP/HTML or you haven’t the faintest idea of how things are programmed, you will still likely get a kick out of this. Most PHP operators and functions make pretty good sense. Still, to fully appreciate everything below, you’ll probably need to brush up on your PHP, HTML, and MySQL skills. [Read further…]

I Love Republic Wireless, and You Should Too

by Jordan Spencer Cunningham on

I happened to receive an invitation to participate in Republic Wireless‘ beta program, and I’ve happily done so for the past year. You can’t really beat $19 a month for unlimited everything with no contract. Well, I suppose you can beat $249 for a phone that’s maybe worth $100 in comparison with more modern, flashy phones. But what I’ve paid for up front I’ve saved over time. On other networks, you’re looking at at least $60-$70 a month for unlimited everything, especially if you’re not on a family plan, and you may or may not get a good phone, and you may or may not have to pay even more for that good phone, and you’ll always be locked in to a nasty contract that you often regret afterwards. The $249 phone has basically been the only thing keeping friends and family of mine from converting once I told them about the splendor.[Read further…]

Dreams Concerning Studio C

by Jordan Spencer Cunningham on

Aside from being a reliably clean de-stresser, Studio C is human. See here. I sent them a message recently:

I had a funny dream the other night. Well, it was sort of a nightmare as I was afraid for my continued existence (you’ll see), but now it’s just funny. Here it is:[Read further…]