My Name in "Sleep", a Children’s Book by Charles Anthony Silvestri and Anne Horjus

by Jordan Spencer Cunningham on

Many moons ago I put my money where my fingers are and helped to fund the printing of a children’s book— Sleep by Charles Anthony Silvestri and Anne Horjus. The text of the book, written by Silvestri, is the same text used in one of my favorite choral pieces by Eric Whitacre. I felt it a noble enough cause, so I donated, especially since I knew I would be getting a copy of the book; it looked like one of those books a child might remember forever. The books are also now available for sale on Amazon.

Now, I don’t remember the incentive including my name in the book, but when it arrived today (at last!), I flipped through the pages and found my name in the list of Kickstarter supporters in the back. I get a kick out of the fact that they put the entire Jordan Spencer Cunningham, Esquire in the list. I think mine is the longest name there. Here’s a snapshot, first of my name, and then of the book cover:


My name in "Sleep" by Charles Anthony Silvestri and Anne HorjusThe signed book "Sleep" by Charles Anthony Silvestri and Anne Horjus
The book itself is a little different than your typical children’s book. It’s not like Where the Wild Things Are. It’s not all fun and games with morals found in between the climax and the protagonist. It’s just the poem and the drawings. Your imagination is left to fill in the rest. Specifically they say that the boy in the book is suffering the death of someone, but that isn’t specified anywhere in the book itself. I find it a beautiful piece of art that anyone can enjoy if he or she know how to enjoy things deeper than the typical myriad of funny, shallow YouTube videos.


And here is a video from the Kickstarter page describing the production of the book: