You Are Reading an Environmentally Friendly Website

by Jordan Spencer Cunningham on

By choosing to read my blog instead of scouring the interwebs for more nothingness, you are showing Mother Earth that you care. How? Let me explain.

95% of the most popular websites today (Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Craigslist, Amazon, eBay, and more) have a light-colored background– usually white. HTML coders claim that this is for reading that is easier on the eyes. However, a recent poll* has shown that the majority of people polled preferred darker-based websites with lighter fonts rather than lighter-based websites with darker fonts. One poll participant commented that “this has the same effect on the soul as walking into the wilderness and soaking up the stars. Reading websites with white or light-colored backgrounds just extends the workday, and thus is extends stress, sadness, and suicide.”

Science has proven that viewing darker images on one’s screens– whether television or computer monitor (they’re morphing into the same thing these days)– actually saves electricity. Look at the following mathematically mustered and scientifically sourced figures; they prove that’s black background and dark theme are phenomenal energy conservationists:

  • The average CRT monitor will save over 17 watts by browsing instead of Facebook or Google.
  • The average LCD monitor will save 3.8 watts.
  • The average LED monitor will save 2.5 watts.
  • The average OLED screen will surprisingly also save 2.5 watts† compared to viewing white-based websites. This is due to the fact that OLEDs can literally shut off pixels when needing to display true black whereas all other monitors basically just display a very dark shade of gray. Since most OLED screens are found in tablets and smartphones today, only the very rich who can afford the expensive OLED monitors and televisions will be able to experience such marvelous power savings, but one day we all will be sporting them.

Just imagine. The average person will save about three watts by reading the high-quality content here at instead of all of the fluff that is elsewhere on the interwebs. Over the course of a year, the energy savings and cost savings for you and for your family will be substantial. Multiply that by the hundreds of millions of monitors being used every day throughout the world, and we could change the course of global warming.

So here is the promise. I will deliver more riveting, entertaining, thought-provoking, and head-scratching content while my readers become more and more loyal. Choose me for your internet content provider, and all of your wildest dreams will come true.

Together we can save the unicorns!

*Poll conducted by myself. Poll margin of error is 0%. Number of people polled was 1 (one).
†Due to the lack of data readily available on OLED screens, the wattage estimation was much more of an estimation than the other calculated estimations.