Battery-Powered Home

by Jordan Spencer Cunningham on

Rocky Mountain Power (I still prefer to call them Utah Power & Light– it’s reminiscent of the good old days) shut off the power to our neighborhood today in order to do some maintenance on the powerlines running through the block. Upon arriving home from my morning/afternoon occupation at Innovations High School, I nearly just decided to not even try to work from home for Western Governors University since I would need electricity to run all of my heavy equipment (such as a lappy, a second monitor, and a power-over-ethernet adapter for the VoIP phone, not to mention the standard router and network switches).

Then it came to me.

I had already set up my network switches and router to run off of two UPSs (uninterruptible power supply– basically a giant battery with standard 115v outlets in it) if the power ever went out, and I just so happened to have a couple of enterprise-grade UPSs that I bought for a song from a downsizing business, which UPSs I plan to sell (Innovations High might buy them, actually, if the boot fits) and make around 800%-1000% profit. Though these UPSs have the odd three-prong 125-volt plug that is not compatible with any of my standard outlets at home, there was still enough juice left over from when I uninstalled them from the business’ server rack to run a few things for a while; in fact, I forgot to turn off the UPSs after I unplugged them and then left for an hour or so, and they were running two or three servers for all of that time. These are hefty UPSs!

The videos tell the rest of the story:

When I found that the internet wouldn’t work, I decided to kick back: