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The Monkey Chronicles– Episode I: A Good Monkey

by Jordan Spencer Cunningham on

I am in the habit of telling my dog that she is a “good dog”, “the world’s greatest dog”, “the best dog in the entire universe”, and so forth on into multiverses and omniverses and verses that nobody has heard of or can possibly comprehend. Needless to say, my dog is accustomed to getting what she wants when she wants it. “Excuse me! World’s greatest dog coming through! I’ll take two steaks, thank you!”

When I’m quietly reading next to Monkey (despite his acrid social behavior, he still likes to cuddle– something from his childhood, I suppose, that his addiction to household chemicals has caused to resurface), sometimes the habitual things I tell my dog will slip out to him. I told him that he is a “good monkey”. He pulled away from resting his head on my chest to look me in the eyes with his black, staring ones. He began to sob.[Read further…]

Farewell to Ralph Davidson and Democracy

by Jordan Spencer Cunningham on

Ralph DavidsonJust as an FYI, we don’t actually have full democracy in the U.S. That’s why we’re a democratic republic. We might be better off if we were more of a democracy, though that’s difficult to achieve. What little power the people have left is being slowly but steadily siphoned away, one executive order at a time.

I just received the following letter from Ralph Davidson, who, as you will soon read, has been a tried and true friend to both Gus Gus and I throughout the years. If the world is not ready for a man as good, as true, as pure, and as strong as he is, then our society is perhaps ripe for a League of Shadows¬†or even a Harbinger of Silence cleansing. Ralphie, as I like to call him, never talks this way. He’s generally playfully rude. He’s never honestly serious. Any graveness he must express he always offsets by some level of levity. The fact that this letter, which I publish now that he is not in danger, is void of his usual lighthearted intelligence is alarming– an indication of just how bad off, perhaps, we truly are. Still, I believe in something higher than all of us, and I believe that all things will end well, and, as dark as it may seem now, there is much good to appreciate, even if we are suffering defeats as terrible as this.

Dearest Jordan Spencer,

I write to you now with a burning fury of crippling sadness in the depths of my heart. Though we’ve had our differences, you, Russell, and I have been through much together since 2004 when I offered my legal services to you, free of charge. I united myself with Wandering Star Productions because I saw it as one of those lost causes worth fighting for– something I needed to help shine so that the world would know it (meaning the world) was not in control. I needed to give the people, crying under the weight of a foul society, something to believe in– I needed to give them hope.

That’s what I’ve been doing ever since. My life has been consumed for nearly a decade with fighting the good fight– though a hopeless fight, it would seem– to right the unrightable wrongs, some with their roots in centuries past. Thankfully the funds from my previous endeavors have kept my wife and I financially stable through the years, for I have had very little income since I began this philosophical and moral quest. I had some success, apart from the true pleasure it was to give you legal advice and ward off potential “suitors” while you and Russell honed some fundamental skills and creativity in the production of the Wandering Star films: I helped the Girl Effect foundation start making real traction between 2006 and 2009, I helped establish or spread the National Fatherhood Initiative, Fellowship of Fathers, and Strong Fathers groups, I worked on the legal team for Diaspora, and I even helped Newegg in their recently-won legal battle against a patent troll, not to mention some less than legal ventures that I shall not discuss in case this is intercepted, not to protect me but rather the parties involved. Whether or not it is moral to break a country or community’s immoral law is something I’d like to discuss with you if I ever get the chance, but not now.[Read further…]