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Christmas Wish List 2012

by Jordan Spencer Cunningham on

It is Christmas Day, and generally people will make their wish lists public in time for Christmas, mainly so that others can get them the gifts listed in the said wishlist. Unfortunately I had little time to compose this years’ list, and I suppose it is just as well as I don’t like people feeling obligated to get me any sort of gift. Still, it is tradition for me to do this, and I feel it opens up my soul to other people just a little so that I can be understood more. Also, it may be somewhat entertaining at moments. Therefore I am happy to present to you, dear reader, the Wish List of Jordan Spencer Cunningham for the Christmas of 2012. Please enjoy.

Also, as a side note, I suppose it is appropriate for me to share what I received this Christmas (in no particular order). Some items are on the list, others are not, but all were and are appreciated very greatly:

  • Despicable Me (I have wanted to see that film since I saw a preview for it back in mid-2010. Now I at last can share in the joy)
  • The eighth and final installment in the Artemis Fowl series: The Last Guardian
  • Mistborn, a book I had heard slightly about but never knew much of until a dear soul gave it to me
  • A 1919 “safety razor” complete with a boar-hair brush and a year’s supply of  soap and double-edged razors
  • Eric Whitacre’s recent album, Water Night
  • A fixed fireplace (I fixed it, but it was still on my list)
  • A load of chocolate (specifically used for reading with)
  • Crest of Hyrule T-Shirt
  • Two Carl’s Junior giftcards (specifically for very sacred purposes)
  • A Dunford Bakery giftcard (also specifically for very sacred purposes)
  • My first argyle sweater (I’m moving up in life)
  • New windshield wipers (I was conned into buying them when I had my truck inspected, but they are incredible, and I am quite pleased with them, though I certainly didn’t trust the fellows at that garage)
  • Some cash earmarked to purchase new clothes so that I don’t have to wear clothes from highschool anymore (though I don’t mind– they’re still in good shape)
  • A nice pen made out of an empty rifle shell (not sure what gauge)
  • Four paid days off from Western Governor’s University
  • More white socks, thank heaven
  • A pack of M&Ms from my niece– so thoughtful and kind for a ten year-old
  • A $36.74 giftcard from Deseret Book to Deseret Book
  • A house key– at last!
  • That certain dear, lovely, kindred spirit (very joyous– words cannot describe)
  • It did snow quite a bit, and there is promise of quite a bit more snow this week
  • As for all my wishes for more time for certain things, now that the next two weeks have little occupatorial duties to do, and one occupatorial duty will end, I will have quite a bit more time for many different and wonderful things
  • A collection of digitized photographs and documents mainly having to do with one of my revered pioneer ancestors, Robert Aveson
  • The joy of giving to a few dear souls

Christmas Wish List

What Is an Ain-Jell? Why Are They in So Many Christmas Songs?

by Jordan Spencer Cunningham on

14c. fusion of O.E. engel (with hard -g-) and O.Fr. angele, both from L. angelus, from Gk. angelos “messenger, envoy, one that announces,” possibly related to angaros “mounted courier,” both from an unknown Oriental word (Watkins compares Skt. ajira- “swift;” Klein suggests Semitic sources). Used in Scriptural translations for Heb. mal’akh (yehowah) “messenger (of Jehovah),” from base l-‘-k “to send.” An Old English word for it was aerendgast, lit. “errand-spirit.”

Of persons, “loving; lovely,” by 1590s. The medieval gold coin (a new issue of the noble, first struck 1465 by Edward VI) was so called for the image of archangel Michael slaying the dragon, which was stamped on it. It was the coin given to patients who had been “touched” for the King’s Evil. Angel food cake is from 1881; angel dust “phencyclidine” is from 1968.

From Etymology Online

Too many musical artists pronounce this particular word so wickedly:


Ain-jell. What is an ain-jell?

Not only do these folks pronounce angel incorrectly, but their music is too Backstreet Boys-esque. It makes me shudder. They’re good at what they do, no doubt– it’s just what they do isn’t good. It’s sort of like the printed book of Twilight: it was printed perfectly– punctuation was likely all there, the cover was professional, the copyrights were in place, the words had been checked and rechecked and triple-checked to make sure they were spelled correctly and put in the right place; the content, however, was worthless.

This is the kind of music I call “pseudo-spiritual”. It may be performed well, but it has nothing in it; it is empty. It makes a lot of money sometimes, but it’s empty. That isn’t to say that O Come, All Ye Faithful is a terrible song. This video simply depicts this wonderful piece cannibalized into something twisted and empty. There is a lot of nothingness that people pay through the nose for these days.