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"Well, I'm Back"

by Jordan Spencer Cunningham on

To quote those famous words of Samwise Gamgee: “Well, I’m back.”

After two years of adventures in the spirit world, I return with full intentions of greatness.

I will be sure to outline my past swashbuckling here over the course of the next forever. I shan’t be using much Facebook– one who knows me knows my sentiments about the site. Instead I will continue utilizing this great website I have designed to publish, inform, and entertain. Here is a quick rundown of my nextest plans and goals:

This by no means is meant to be a comprehensive list of the future. For continuous updates, please visit often. For something more personal, I would prefer to keep in contact with you via post, electronic post, telephonic apparatus, or telegraph. At the moment I am still wading through all of my physical and digital items and organizing them, otherwise I probably would have reached out to contact you myself, if I know you.