The Irony of the Modern Bigot

by Jordan Spencer Cunningham on

“Bigotry” is one of those 21st-century words that’s thrown around by the media and the popular kids like a football at a college campus on Thanksgiving. It doesn’t really mean what it originally meant. In fact, it doesn’t really mean anything anymore just like the rest of the words that have been neutered by the “progressives” with perpetually hurt feelings, but let’s explore what it’s supposed to mean and what it originated in meaning and compare and contrast (like we did in elementary school) the vast, ironic, and funny differences.

What does it mean to be bigoted? Google, a known left-leaning corporation based in the magical land of California where everyone loves and respects everyone (unless you disagree with the status quo), says this— actual truth:

having or revealing an obstinate belief in the superiority of one’s own opinions and a prejudiced intolerance of the opinions of others.
You're not allowed to think that way. You MUST agree with me. Or else.

You’re not allowed to think that way. You MUST agree with me. Or else.

The people who represent the status quo spew this word as if they got a dollar every time they uttered it. If you so much as sneeze at the relative and constantly changing “truths” of the status quo– regardless of whether you do it in a humane and civilized manner– you are instantly scrutinized and criticized, whatever social status and position in a private or corporate business is taken from you, and you may be assassinated in the name of Freedom and Human Rights and Anti-Meanness.; you are guilty of bigotry of the worst kind. While it’s mean and violates the Constitution and their freedoms for me to say this, the people who represent the status quo are the ones more guilty of bigotry than most any other group in the history of the human race. When “I don’t support what you’re doing– please stop asking me to do so” in their minds equates to “God hates you, and you should kill yourself”, you know that they have some cognitive issues, and anything they say after that point has no bearing on reality.

Most of you already knew this, of course, and those of you who didn’t are probably just denying the truth because it’s easier than admitting it and making changes in your lives (be warned: make-believe was always easier than real life, but it was never as fulfilling). The hypocrisy of the “progressive” movements of racial and gender and sexual “equality” is unprecedented. They have moved beyond the grounds of protecting the people to policing the thoughts and intents of everyone around them. Kings and emperors and tyrants of ages past, while often terrible, terrible people, would envy the power that the “progressive” movements have today.  While they used death and slavery as their weapons of fear, they could not strike at the heart of a person– his or her beliefs. They were terrifying tyrannies, but they were shallow as far as the soul went.

Today, the “progressive” movement does not officially use death and slavery as weapons; they have something far more powerful and pervasive due to its subtlety and its shroud of pretend goodness. They eat away at the heart of freedom and then use the ideas of freedom itself to rail on those who would protect it. They effectively say that light is darkness and darkness is light, that wrong is right and right is wrong, that peaceful disagreement is bigotry and bigotry is peaceful disagreement, and anyone who says otherwise is evil while the “progressives” are the epitome of righteousness and love and tolerance. They plug their ears and shut their eyes to reality and kick and scream until reality goes silent, like a child kicks and screams and plugs his ears when he doesn’t want to hear something true but painful that would convict him.

This, my friends, is bigotry– “progressive” movements have refined bigotry into a science and an art; there is a bottle of essence and extract of bigotry in every “progressive” home. Not all people who support these movements in some fashion attack those who don’t, but the “progressives” are a group big enough, loud enough, vicious enough, and powerful enough to invade our peaceful lives with their heretical wisdom and folly. We would let them alone if we could, but they will not be let alone– they cannot stand to think that there might be someone, somewhere who even quietly disagrees with them. They must have total obedience and submission, or else they must have war.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Isaiah 5:20

The bottom line is that these loud and selfish groups who trample others under their feet in the name of tolerance and truth are some of the greatest liars of our time– they’ve fooled millions into thinking that they are kind, tolerant, loving, intelligent, and mature and have made millions of others wonder if the truth that had stood for thousands of years was wrong.

It’s not.

It remains– battered, bloody, and gasping for breath– but it remains.