Scratch My Back

by Jordan Spencer Cunningham on

I am by no means a very popular person. It has never been that way: first off, blonde people aren’t as popular as brown-haired people in my experience. Secondly, my disposition is quieter and more calculating than most; the quietness causes people not to notice me or to write me off as a bore, and the calculation causes those who do notice to fear me. I’m not calculating for malevolent purposes– my brow simply furrows in a certain way. But that is neither here nor there.

Regardless of all of this, I do have a spattering of quasi-loyal readers who periodically visit this blog. They visit the blog enough for my ego to bloat a little here and there. Then there are the boatloads of Googlers. They often seem to like what they read long enough to read my windy paragraphs, but most of them don’t come back. Sigh.

I would simply like these aforementioned loyal readers to know something about me– something I did yesterday. Yesterday marked exactly three years since I originally purchased the domain and paid for my first round of website hosting at Bluehost. Since Bluehost only lets a person pay for three years of hosting at a time, yesterday was the first time I had to renew my hosting services. $251.64 left the coffers of my bank account and traveled the digital pathways to Bluehost’s megalithic treasure trove. That’s quite a bit of money, you know, even if it’s divided up into $6.99 monthly increments.

I don’t demand anything, but I would request that you at least take a look at my “support the author” page as you think about my $251.64– as you think of all of the happy memories you have forged while browsing my site and indulging in my thoughts. I can promise you that, once The Kaleidoscope Eyes Letters series is finished being published here, you will find a nice hardcover book, probably with soul-searching drawings within, bearing the same title.

You never know. If you scratch my back, one day the long arm of karma may just reach out and scratch yours. A lot.


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