The America We Once Knew

by Jordan Spencer Cunningham on

I am a patriot of a version of the United States that is all but a myth today. We’re frantically holding on to the threads that once made this country the greatest in the world. Those who did not look at the country with admiration looked at us with envy. Now the country is more of a monopolistic, bigoted corporation, and this isn’t necessarily because the bulk of our population has wanted it (though there are enough of us contributing to this national stupidity that it makes it easier for this to happen); no, this is due to the corruption of the heavyweights up top– the “brass”– the “G-men”– politicians– hellians– invertibrates– whatever you want to call them. Quite honestly, I’m surprised that “In God We Trust” hasn’t been removed from our currency, but then again that’s probably just done to lull us folks who believe in a power higher than the government away into a false sense of security and to keep some of the more bandwagon atheists distracted as they kick and scream about “rights”.

I believe in an America that once existed full-fledged– that actually stood for something higher instead of what it has laid down for today. There are still principles of this old America being kicked around as if they were good ideas. I pray that we take the country back. So many people stick their noses up at the Victorian era because of some of its social problems– some of its inequalities– but I tell you that the western world was better off as a whole than it is now despite those problems that we have since supposedly resolved.

May God be with us through the future frying pans and fires we have yet to face.

The "Deseret" Kanesville Nebraska flag


Above is a flag designed in Winter Quarters in 1849 for the state of “Deseret”